Businesspark Zagreb

Business Park Zagreb

In order not to let the main road deve­lop into a divi­ding ele­ment, the mas­ter­plan incor­po­ra­tes areas to the west of the road, cur­rently in pos­ses­sion of the muni­ci­pa­lity. It is a gesture that the deve­lop­ment of the two areas can­not be seen sepa­ra­tely should an inte­gra­ted urban centre be desi­red.
The topo­lo­gi­cal ana­ly­sis shows how the coun­try­side breaks into an urban fringe along the motor­way. The buil­ding site is thus loca­ted directly on this dyna­mic line at the head of urban development.

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Zeitraum: 2009

in Zusammenarbeit mit
Architektin Connie Herzog